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by LL
5 days ago
WOW is all I can say at the least
WOW is all I can say at the least, I was so skeptical about this company being legit and I hit a little hiccup but it was on my end. Mac Torres is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND I MEAN IT ‘AMAZING’, he answered every question I had even the silly ones and seeing I was extremely nervous he called me and reassured me everything would be ok. Test day arrived and he did amazing and I could not express my gratitude enough, so if you need their services please do not hesitate to use them as they are worth it. Mac Torres Thank you so much and you are my #1 RECOMMENDATION HANDS DOWN.
by Psychlady
Aug 18, 2023
I worked with David Antonio and he was awesome. I can’t imagine a nicer more helpful person. I was really nervous before my test but David assured me that everything would be fine and guess what everything went great. Thank you so much David I will definitely be raving about you to everyone.
by Leela
Dec 4, 2022
I honestly thought it was a scam at first but I decided to take a leap of faith, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. David Antonio extremely helpful, truthful and and honest from the start. He was true with his words and he communicates effectively and reassures me not to worry and he was 100 percent right.
by Sajid Malik
Jul 22, 2022
Terrific service Remarkable results
I had a great experience with Aaron who walked me through the entire process seamlessly. The signing up process, the system check and the exam day went really smooth. Aaron was accessible all this while on the text messages. He was e tremendous helpful and honest. Real reliable. Would highly recommend to all.
by Kevin Hillcrest
Jun 5, 2021
These guys are incredible
These guys are incredible. No-nonsense, was able to pay credit and he even did the work and sent me screenshots before I paid.

The other sites make you pay cash before anything is done and you have no-chance of getting a refund if you use zelle or other cashapps.

Stay away from they literally robbed me didn’t do the work and then tried to blackmail me for $2000 otherwise they would expose me to my university for “cheating”
by Jilly June
March 30, 2021
Good People, Great Service.
Was actually awesome. After reading these reviews I wasn't too worried and hell they actually went above and beyond and helped me more than anticipated. I got a good grade, and it was affordable. Kept it contact and did their best to ensure the process was smooth even though I myself ran into some issues on my end. Would definitely recommend to others. Idk what else to say but shoot. Try it. ALSO! Alex is awesome.
by Dan
April 02, 2021
These guys are legit
Have been working with them for many months now. Top notch work, especially in the area of biology, although I have also had chemistry work done by them along with other classes with no problem. Did run into some issues in the past with directions on assignments but that hasn't been a worry for a while now. Deadlines are always met on time, before, or sometimes slightly after the due date but the work is always of quality and I consistently get good grades. All exams completed by them were a B or more and overall I have nothing to complain about as prices are very affordable as well.
by Mission Noel
Aug 31, 2022
I HIGHLY suggest anyone who is…
I HIGHLY suggest anyone who is skeptical to please try this company out!! I was very nervous and worried, but David really helped to calm my down. He went through every single detail and process of how this was going to work. I was still unsure, but David ensured that everything will be all right. They help me score advanced 88% on the TEAS exam. The price is definitely affordable! David and his team are very nice!! I will recommend this company to other people in the future.
by Desmond Martin
Oct 23, 2020
Jonathan Is The GOAT. Best On The Market.
I Have Nothing But The Upmost Respect For
Jonathan and The Online Classes Hub. I Had A Calculus Test Due By 11:59 PM. Jonathan was able to assist within moments at an affordable price for a senior college student. With the help of his brand and expertise I was able to score a 97% on a test that I would have easily failed on my own. I definitely recommend using the Online Classes Hub for any of your academic needs.
by Felicia Bannister
Oct 19, 2022
Definitely recommend
Definitely recommend! At first I was hesitant but Alex delivered on everything he told me! Great communication when you have questions about assignments also. I’m on my second class now.
by Lashawn Joyner
Apr 24, 2021
At first I was a little skeptical but…
At first I was a little skeptical but after talking with Jonathan and having him walk me through the process I was relieved. I have gotten everything he promised! Professionalism and all of grade A assignments. I’m preparing to have you work on another project over the summer knowing that I will be just as satisfied! The prices are well worth it!
by Enwere David
Aug 13, 2022
Onlineclasseshub is very genuine and…
Onlineclasseshub is very genuine and trustworthy and quick to their service. I was scared at the beginning to the extent that made me cancel my online proctored exam and upon that Aaron never gave up on me. He understood my fear. To sum it up, Aaron helped me pass my online exam without stress. Thank you Aaron for your patience with me and I shall definitely use your service again.
by LH
Nov 29, 2022
Just wanted to give Aaron an shoutout
Just wanted to give Aaron an shoutout. He was absolutely amazing, he provided me the reassurance through the entire process. Highly recommend if anyone is in needs of assistance with theirs exam.
by Panda Twin
Aug 6, 2022
Alex and his team are TOP NOTCH
I am so appreciative of Alex and his team… I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me get through my hardest classes. I definitely recommend you to everyone I know taking hard classes. I am looking forward to doing more business with you. Thank You so much
by Laura Torres
Jul 1, 2022
Don’t hesitate they are helpful
I had some doubts because it was my first time using their services. They were very professional and helped me get a 83% on my teas exam. Now I will be more competitive when it comes to applying to nursing schools. Thank you so much for your help I will definitely be referring you guys!
Jul 9, 2022
Don't be afraid
My experience was beyond explanation. they are just amazing. please do not hesitate to use them if you are having difficulties. why suffer when help is here. Their price is very considerate. I HAD AN 88.7% FOR MY TEAS.
by Franky Bambino
Jun 4, 2021
Well done guys ! Ask for Kevin Cruz or Alex Martin!
Yes I will use their service again! Just only once an expert was running late with assignment but it is all due to time difference! Other wise I contacted these two guys and everything got done instantly they assigned a group of experts to work on my class. Amazing! Very good communication!
by Cristina Halikias
Mar 10, 2021
Amazing service
Amazing service! At first I was very skeptical but Alex was great with communicating how everything works, responding to all my questions and reassuring me that I would get exactly what is paid for and advertised. With just getting a promotion at work and trying to balance online school with my son I didn’t want my grades to suffer. All my assignments were completed on time & I passed my English class with an A. I would definitely recommend this help to anyone in need.
by Yola Polastri
Aug 13, 2022
They were excellent from beginning to…
They were excellent from beginning to the end! Alex helped me throughout the whole process reassuring me to relax and remain calm. He was the best! I would recommend 100% this professional people who are in need of a helping hand through their studies journey!
by Gwendolyn Gooding
Oct 17, 2022
Satisfied customer
I am so thankful to have the help and support I needed when I was going in for my prerequisite classes for nursing. Math and I were not the best of friends, However, I had to receive a Grade A or B in statistics in order to enter the nursing program. Thanks to online classes hub. I was able to pass my class with a grade A! I recommend this company to anyone who is looking to fulfill their career goals.
by Tinamarie
Oct 11, 2020
Every Busy College Student NEEDS THIS
honestly, this is the best and such an extremely kind company. There was a miscommunication with my workload and they decided to take care of it for me. They’re available around the clock, so professional, and they do work with your budget and take into consideration we are all students. I can’t say enough amazing things. I’m forever telling all my friends about this website!
by Jevon
Mar 21, 2022
Wonderful service truly amazing
Wonderful service truly amazing. 1000000 times over I would use their services. Friendly nice people as well. Knowledgeable understanding and always on point with their help and will never let you down.
by J Perry
Oct 6, 2022
Top Tier work!
Very professional and great service! I promise you that you wont be disappointed! LOOK NO FURTHER! Very great with communicating with you if you have any questions and affordable prices! Do yourself a huge favor and go for it!
by Spres
Mar 9, 2021
Let me say I was extremely nervous…
Let me say I was extremely nervous about hiring anyone but I was happy I did. Alex was awesome and very easy to talk with during this process. I got an A+ In my nursing course thanks to this team. I would suggest anyone who is looking for a honest trustworthy site who will get you amazing results to look no further and choose this one.
by Anonymous
Dec 18, 2020
I know alot of people might seem scared…
I know alot of people might seem scared to give there information to sites to do homework, but I swear to you on my life this site is legit! They text you throughout the whole process and if you need to login during the time just let them know via text simple as that! These are real people working hard to get you passing grades!
by Anthuhny Ares
Aug 18, 2021
I am beyond happy with the results
I am beyond happy with the results!
I have never done something like this before, so was a little hesitant but I am so happy I went through with this.
Thank you so much to the team for helping me out with my exam. The person I was communicating with, Alex was super helpful and reassuring. I will definitely use them again for the future if needed!
by Alliana
May 10, 2021
I was a bit skeptical at first but was already 2 months behind so went for it. Passed my Pre-Cal class with an A:) Customer service was great! They are always available to answer any questions you may have or resolve any issues. This website is legit.
by SD
Jul 27, 2022
David Antonio was amazing
David Antonio was amazing. He answered all of my questions and assured me throughout the process. Onlineclasseshub helped me pass one of my most difficult classes this summer! Highly recommend.
by Damian Taylor
Feb 11, 2021
Excellent experience
Excellent experience with me being a full-time college student working full time with 3 different classes there is a lot on my plate at once so I tend to miss a few things here and there. Online Class Hub came through for me at the end I had 3 big assignments due the next day they took care of them for me with no problems for a pretty good price quick and easy process. Most definitely will be doing business with them in the future again if you want some unfinished work done I recommend them.

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