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We understand our duties towards our customers and made Refund Policies for their facilitation. We have a Legal Department who has the authority to decide the amount to be refunded to the customers. The refundable amount can differ according to the case.

Following are the Refund Policies of Online Classes Hub:

  • The team Online Classes Hub requests to all its clients that they must read and understand our Refund Policies before placing an order, otherwise we won't be responsible for any misunderstanding to a client with our policy.
  • You will get a 100% refund if you do not receive your order and the company has refused to deliver.
  • Refunds shall only be provided to the clients who request it within a month after placing an order.
  • Online Classes Hub will keep certain amount paid by the clients as their service charges. if we have delivered you any service.
  • A client must show an accurate evidence to claim a refund.

Requests for refund shall only be accepted for the following delivery deadlines:

  • Clients can get the money back if they receive 30% non-original work.
  • Clients can claim the money back if the task completed by us is not as per the topic.
  • The claim of the refund is only allowed after taking the two revisions by the client and is still disappointed.
  • It is requested to the clients to wait for a month after claiming a refund, as one month is the standard time for conducting the overall scrutiny of the work.
  • Requests for correction, either a small, will be taken as a revision and that amount will be subtracted from the refunded amount.
  • It will be taken as a violation of contract if clients reach to the third party either Law Agency, Bank or Any Payment Merchant before contacting us.
  • Strict regulatory action will be taken against clients who try to harm our policies by making a false claim.
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